PRO 1000 / EVO

Refraction Unit

The all new ALINO®

Tune up your business

The FundusScope

Tune up your business

An existing product enhanced – this is how the PRO 1000/EVO was created. Thanks to the electromagnetic brake function for the seat height adjustment, optional height adjustment of the work table and preinstalled connectors for our RODENSTOCK Instruments equipment, the PRO 1000/EVO can proudly be called our high-end refraction unit.

6 in 1 solution

01 Refraction

Having a good starting value for subjective refraction is essential. The QUICK REF MODE supports this even for uncooperative patients.

02 Keratometry

KAI (Kerato-asymmetry index) & KRI (Kerato-regularity index) give the first hint of possible irregularities on the cornea. This supports evaluation of the best vision correction or best-fitting contact lens.

03 Tonometry

The very gentle air puff created by a new generation of air-flow technology means that patients more readily accept the need for regular check-ups of the IOP measurement.

04 Pachymetry

Correcting the IOP by measuring the central corneal thickness is essential in interpreting the intraocular pressure.

05 Topography

Various topographic maps support you in carrying out vision screenings, contact lense fittings and in patient education.

06 Dry Eye

Observe the customers' eye health and evaluate the long-term tolerability of contact lenses.

Take advantage of the combination of tests:

Outstanding features

Be competitive and provide added value compared to online stores and competitors.

01 Image quality

The 12-megapixel sensor and the LED flash captures high-resolution images

02 Field of view

The field of view of 45° can be extended up to 80°

03 Fixation

Change the region of interest by choosing one out of ten fixation points

04 Image Capturing

Automatic eye tracking, autofocus and autoshot

05 User interface

Image taking and reviewing is very user-friendly by using the 10.1" touch panel

Your digital partner in consulting

What are your benefits?

Be competitive and provide added value compared to online stores and competitors.

6 in 1 combination

Impress your customers with this ALL-IN-ONE device

Time Saving

Auto alignment and auto measurement

Less space

Optimise your space utilisation

Regular additional sales

Generate regular additional sales and retain customers for the long-term

More efficient

Higher customer circulation = increased customer frequency of customers

Cost reduction

The combination of all product features reduces your investment while providing added value

Generate an
unexpected customer journey!

Thanks to the high amount of examinations and analyses, you gain a better informative value for the client. This leads to increased consulting competence and stronger customer loyalty. It also creates trust and your customers will be more satisfied.

What’s your benefit?

Be competitive and provide added value compared to online stores and competitors.


Non-mydriatic, does not require pupil dilation


Fully automatic focusing and image capturing

Added value

Offer new services and increase customer frequency

Time saving

Take one fundus image within approximately 15 seconds


Gain more expertise in the field of vision screening


All-in-one fundus camera with built-in computer

... without compromising the quality of images.

Taking fundus images has never been easier, without compromising the quality of images. Take advantage of the FundusScope non-mydriatic fundus camera – offer your customers an additional service and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Product Features

  • Integrated accessories drawer
  • Easy to install (right- or left-handed operation)
  • Motorised chair with tilting action
  • Motorised height-adjustable table (EVO)
  • Preconfigured for Rodenstock equipment
  • Personal touch with individual internal LED light
  • Electromagnetic table locking

"These refraction units are the best example of how usability and elegant design work hand-in-hand."

Capture and review options

The FundusScope software offers various display and filter options. Performing cup-to-disc measurements or pinching to zoom for more detail are just two of the possibilities.
Colour fundus image
Colour fundus image
Digital red-free filter
Digital red-free filter
Cup-to-disc measurement
Cup-to-disc measurement
Corneal image
Corneal image


Dry eye observation software

The combination of 4 examinations gives a detailed impression of the patients' ocular surface. Observe the blinking frequency, tear meniscus height, Hyperemia and Meibomian glands by using only one medical device.
Blinking frequency
Blinking frequency
Tear meniscus height
Tear meniscus height
Meibomian glands
Meibomian glands

Topography analysis software

Dual map axial
Dual map axial
Dual map instantaneous
Dual map instantaneous
Single map
Single map
Fourier analysis
Fourier analysis
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